A Love Song About Sex

I don’t want to be with anyone besides you.
Heaven is a place where I can be inside you.
Heaven is a slave to where you are existing.
Heaven is a time when laps just keep repeating.

Music sounds like sex is on the menu.
But you should eat and hide or they will start to shame you.
Feel your form and explore what’s all around you.
Everything’s here we know what to do to,
make things happening in a beautiful way
but we still insist that it must be too late.
The river is an endless torrent flowing but you can still wait.
Just stop breath choose steer you won’t be late.
Because if we love and fuck and love again, what about hate?

Every moment in life is like a busy junction.
What will you do? Choose or ask someone.
There’s something to be said when life is just frustration.
Time and dreams are all in imagination.

Come out of the closet – come where you want.
Don’t let offence stop you.
This is the jungle where beasts come to hunt.
This is Earth where lions and lions ride.

Don’t be a part of the herd, hear and be heard.
Are you listening or waiting to be speaking?
Sleeping, sleeping, snoring or making.
Beauty is in whatever you make it.
But you don’t even have to listen to me sunshine
Just because I made this last line rhyme
Doesn’t mean it’s something divine.


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