Mother’s Day

You are a lion with power in your roar.
The way you raised me with all its flaws,
has built me into who I am,
and I am forever grateful for all the hands
that have fed me clothed me and hit me.
Only with all those would I be able to see,
that loving you means you’re good at your job, but only some
Mums have earned the fear of their son.
My feet are firmer on the ground
and my steps have more power and my heart begins to pound
when I think of what Mother means to me.
It’s more to me than the others I see,
because I know whatever happens you have my back, and I will always have yours.
(And yes that means scratching it even if my hands are sore).
You are my mother and you are strong,
just remember that when things seem to go wrong.
You taught me how to smile (the “wrong” way),
so show me yours once in a while , and not just on Mother’s Day.
Thank you for all the things that you’ve done,
I’ll try (and fail) to repay you with the years to come.


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