Our prisons are made out of glass now, not iron.
Why does this make it harder to see through the lying?
Everyone wants to get inked with a lion,
but put freedom of aggression under lie on.

If I take my eyes out will that make it easier to see
a world where it costs to live and be free?
Maybe if I scream and pull out my hair,
giving up on what I still want will be easier to bear.

I need a security pass to get into prison
but I want a free pass into true life
whatever that is. I heard it’s fun
to live for yourself, not the Friday nights.

If money is so important why isn’t it carved into our skin,
and only used as the religion
that the world believes in?
There are whispers of people switching on
whatever that is, there’s a rumour
that you don’t have to work
for a person taking orders
from an idea led shirt.

N I N 4 F T C.
Taught to be and follow me.
Animals don’t burn their trees;
life is shorter on your knees.


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