Over Evolve

There’s a new wave coming.
Birds can feel it why can’t you?
The horizon is stretched thin, the sun is
waiting to breakthrough.
In a metal world where minds
win over souls and fists and a beating heart.
Millennium means that life takes a back seat,
shotgun is for the smart.
Cresting and disappear
rinse and repeat, what’s here?
No, it’s already arrived and left
and soaked with fear.
Breaking, broken, building,
looking forward rather than back.
teaching but not learning,
here comes the crack.
Retreating towards the sun
hoards and pockets (silent).
what is right? (violence)
but it’s so fun.
Let’s invest in another story,
dirt makes way for flowers,
we can make them out of plastic.
It’s not a trick,
it’s just not boring.


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