Data, date her. Relationships.
Mate just mate her. Wet your stick.
Meet him meet her. Relationships.
Baby, daddy. What’s your trick?

Built like bricks. Strung through wood.
Be my friend. Poke me good.
Swipe me up. Off my feet.
Tag me in. Don’t come greet.

Relationships. Tiny little ships. Fist to fist. Mellowship. Fellow rip. Reborn crisp. Full of it. Get a trip. Make a tit. Any sit. Bump to click.

Softly spoken language broken.
Personal gating roaming mating.
Complicated intertwine, getting lost in her design,
girl I want to make you mine, who am I, one more time?

Block yourself to rock yourself to top yourself and help yourself.
Brownie all not brownie me, frown with glee as I scream and be.
Mountains can’t move your soul, don’t wait for your mind to get old.
Wisdom don’t mean shit in mould. Real boys do as they are told.


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