Apparently the Spanish Are Sexy

In some far off country beneath all the grey
colour yellow and red in the sun every day.
Creatures break your knees in a way
that sends you to a dream like state.

Those Spanish guys hey they’re quite sexy,
big brown eyes and arms so flexy.
lips like silk and hair that gets me
Spanish girls they are so sexy.

On the inside walls of a paradise
where the light and the warm make you feel real nice
and the food and he drink and the girls and all spiced.
You can say for sure that this is the high life.

Sand and sea and history.
Stone and culture you can breathe.
Not much left to try and see,
skin and sweat all over me.

Hey did you hear? The word on the street
apparently the Spanish are quite sexy.
You want them don’t you, do you? Si?
On your knees, just say please.

Baby would you mind if I called you my essay?
Write you up and make you say – hey. Hey!
Baby got a smile give me your sombrero
covering up, with her hands roam Eros.

Drinking her gin and driving me loco
looking at me and all my coco.
Moving to shots, sting that Tequila
open it up, give me your Sangria.

Licking her lips, she comes in leaning
later on this is what she’s screaming.
Letting it out she’s not keeping
anything in, but still believing

Spanish guys they are so sexy
make me want to get naked sex me.
Spanish girls yeah they can text me
either way just come and check me.

Mamasita, don’t wanna leave ya.
Just wanna feel ya, I wanna see ya,
I wanna turn it on and make you a believer.
Come to life and waken up your Shiva
oh mamasita, don’t wanna leave ya.

Flowers bloom and intertwine
around your wrists and into mine.
Loving you being your sublime,
you and I were made to rhyme.

Make me up and break me down
I’m your steed now make me drown.
She says to me I’m not a player,
wants me to think that she’s my saviour.

Teeth sink in and I am dry, I
can’t stop now I’m breathing blind, I
tell her that she is my psycho
then she says I am your life oh.

The Spanish si, they are so sexy
that’s because they haven’t met the
spiciness in all of Asia.
A modern version of Fantasia.

Neck deep in her smile,
I’ll be there in a little while.


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