Elegantly, what do I see?
Piecing the sky, infecting beneath.
Positively, positive me.
Nurturing hate, evolving belief.
Concatenate, domesticate.
Your happiness is owned by the state
graduate, you won’t stagnate.
Sit in first class, never go ape.
Passions galore, don’t be a whore.
Tainted species, self-branded sore.
Despise, look in your eyes.
Kilos of meat, so fragile and high.

Crying. Bleeding. Lighting. Beauty. Blinding.
Stricken. Bitten. Smitten. Taken. Blind.
Power. Shower. Lower. Grower. Show her.
Are you inside your own mind?

Cryptic clues and they’re misconstrued.
Rabbits dig homes, sweet houses for fools.
There’s no way back, we’re human kind.
Is there something you would like to find?


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