Moving Parts

You know what you said, you know
you told me to be me so here I am do you see
me? It’s who I am and not just for show,
you know I know you are holding parts of you from me.
They’re yours, keep them and maybe one day
when everything is a little more, okay,
I’ll be lucky enough to share with you
all you’ve been holding on to.

I know it gets hard with all the pain and hate
piling on top of your mental state
a burden shared is a burden shared,
not halved. Don’t think that no one cares
I know you’re more than sun and smiles,
I know you carry your own trials.
Don’t ever think you’re on your own,
you’ve already become bare and shown
your heart to me, and even if you never trust me,
one day we will be besties.


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