Pond Sushi

Game changer, peacemaker
buzztamer, intoxicater.
Primal love her, spirit lover.
Optical confusion.
Happy illusion.
Urging for fusion.
Dancing into my seclusion.
She’s not here I’m not so mighty,
one regret my Aphrodite.
Want your lipstick on my kitey,
I know you, time got none, try me.

Not Radha, armada.
Ain’t nada, soul charmer.
On paper, my dharma
her hunger, oh mama.
This love grows,
she does blow
made some foes.
History knows.
Damn she knows how to dance for me,
redness dripping to her knees.
Within me, she needs to be
who in life is ever free?

More than people, people person.
Everyone has and lifts a burden.
Life is meant to have division.
Shinra Bansho no maths lesson.
Sun and Moon no evolution,
does it matter? This promotion.
Love and love, real and real,
man and god, time and space,
wind and fire, locked and free,
you see life, can you see their face?


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