Spinning Holes

Wind the world up and watch it go
places, as it navigates through spaces, flows
through you to this zoo, though
you know that traps are stacked in tax flats,
and the back, you know
you hope to cope with the rope
around your neck and heck
if you’re not gonna find your own dope.
Snort lines of addiction, through this trek of life until you die
whether it’s sex, brains, love or white.

Rotates on the centre
your life enters
when you start
listening to your heart.

Unravelling the travelling is getting kind of maddening
frustrating when what’s making you love is what’s taking, fading
your positivity, critically scoping out the nitty gritty
instead of coming giving and being situating.
Love and freedom, love is yours, love is freedom, freedom to love.
Love your freedom and free your love.


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