Double Up For Free

Sad time. Sad face. Sad rhymes. Sad place.
Sad me. Sad you. Sad we. Us too.
Why me? They said! Don’t know. My head.
Sad me. Sad you? Sad me. Sad, me.
It’s mine. Not yours. My life. No cure.
Tears fall. Sorry. It’s all, for me.
My pain. Not yours. My vein. Top drawer.
Leave me. To it. My life. I quit.

Sunshine. Forced through. Open. Love you.
Break down. Build up. Not back. You’re done.
Your rules. Your life. Step back. Spring step.
Speak out. Hear more. Love you. Love more.
Not them. It’s us. Why split? Join up.
Bad days. No way. Just smile. Your choice.
Our life. Not fair. Look up. It’s there.
Always. In pairs. For you. To share.


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