You’re still there right?
I saw a face that reminded me of you
it made me think that there’s a chance you might
read this message from wherever you’re resting,
because I want you to know that each moment was a blessing.
And even though you may not agree with all my scars
they’re mine, and some of yours too that have seemed to last
and are cast on the generations you have left behind, but still walking in front.
Leading us in your own way
every step of the way
and I still think of you every time I see a BMW,
or hear someone burp, excuse you.

We fought, we laughed and we never saw eye to eye
but for some reason it’s still not time to say goodbye.
You may not have known this but you taught me how to fly
and gave me my name, Mr Viren, that’s why
I don’t think it will ever be time to say bye.

You’re always going to be a part of who I am
and that’s biology talking, I’m still not a doctor
I don’t have a master clear cut plan
of what I want it need to do. I still wonder
what the reason behind my existence is.

After all the stubbornness and fire you gave
it’s my turn to build the most I can with this.
Take a look at this family you made,
we all have our flaws and all have our ways,
we don’t see the world the same
but you bring us together, and we miss you today.


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