Dirty Fire

Burning people is a crime.
Burning flags was made a crime.
Burning money will be a crime.
But burning it makes it mine.

It’s me is ownership.
It’s we is relationship.
It’s this is censorship.
It’s time to change all of it.

Fire is warm, fire is pure.
Throw some alcohol on top, to be sure
light your smoke onto your drink,
and you can take some time to think.

Shall I burn my old self to see what I become?
If I fell up in flames would I get well done?
Or would I become more of someone?
Would I become human instead of person?

If you burn it all and it’s not the same
loneliness is there to keep you sane,
it’s company, and you’re right at home.
Know you’re wrong, you’re never alone.
You’re whoever you are, tell me your name.


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