Beautiful Poetry

Beautiful poetry
and he knows it won’t go, he
just sits in his home and he
wants it to flow and the
words they won’t come
they won’t part from his sun
and he wants to just quite
he feels like he’s shit
he knows that it’s hard
to write like a bard­­­­
to instead what he tries
is to write with his eyes
and his mind and his skill.

It’s in stories
and tales, but surely that’s nothing
that’s far to crude and rudimentary
it’s scary, when all you want it to rhyme
and find some lyrics
that are drawn from the sky, ground and spirits
not write in some justified form in a manner of speaking
it’s a style of writing that comes to easy
write about what you know
doesn’t always make for ground breaking lines
that have recorded that wave of air and magic
but instead you share what is here in this world
the way you know how
put the nib of your heart onto paper
and make these cryptic phrases sing
amaze the ladies and make them see me
help the world
to see me, as I am
truly and freely
that beautiful poetry.


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