Celebration Of Life

The light isn’t gone, it’s shifted
from open eyes into the sky and twisted
the brightness into smiles
and turned the tears into something gifted.

Remember as you want to:
laugh if you want to
grieve if you want to
forget if you want to
feel if you want to
shout if you want to
scream if you want to
smile if you want to.
You know what
they would want for you.

Saying “was” instead of “is”
doesn’t mean the future is something
to be missed.
The ones we love are never gone
they’re always with us,
they help us carry on,
they give us strength from above,
they remind us that we have to love,
they keep us from looking down,
they help us to look up.

So say
what you need to say.
if you need to pray.
what you need to make.
what you need to take.
if you need to break.
if you need to cry.
it’s not goodbye.
Love never dies.


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