Broken Code

When we’re not all human
what are we?
When we stop being people
what have we become?

So you find a way to make six figures 
but you give up your own.
My father always said that first comes health, 
but people don’t get that, they just want the wealth.

So you put people in their place 
but can’t find your own.
You love the rise of tech, 
now there are drones buying drones.

Am I seeing the light 
or starting to believe my own lies? 
Maybe there is never a
right, wrong, bad or true 
because people will listen 
to whatever they want to.

It was meant to be a good thing 
meant to help share 
cash and code combining 
to help people buy shares
of people’s lives at a price
that’s too high to pay.
Maybe we’ll come back to our senses
and break this code one day.


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