View Aside Joy

Oh hey there little butterfly in the sky.
Mind if I join your sweet composure
as you pass along by?
You know I want to come on over
and get you really high,
is there some room for me to come up
and enjoy the ride?

She said I’d love some company
as I try to make this climb, 
I’ve been going crazy in this loneliness
I’ve been out of my mind. 
I think that I’d move a little better
with a friend by my side.
So come here and be my
one that I can go and joy ride.

You know there is no reason
for anybody to go and settle for pain
when in this life all we want
is to just make it okay. 
Just smile your soul will shine
and you’ll feel it, oh boy! 
Just wait until you see it
is my sweet view aside joy.

You’re the one for me
I wanna make you mine.
The way you laugh and make me smile
is just so divine. 
I’ll never stop if you promise
that you’ll do the same.
And with our view aside joy
you know we found our name.


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