Answer Me

Daddy what’s a forest?
Oh hey little girl
forests are something
that once were part of this world.
The open land was green
and the deep seas were blue
and something called nature
used to be with us too.

Mummy what is freedom?
Oh well come here my son
freedom is a gift
it’s meant for everyone.
Now we’re stuck with safety
because someone wants to save me.
Maybe we should step back
that’s what I’ve been thinking lately.

Teacher what is kindness?
What is going to shit? 
Is it something that we could use
to give us a lift? 
What happened to us helping,
why did all of us quit? 
I’m asking questions to you,
and yes I know I’m a kid.

I think what’s happening 
in this world where we live,
is that things we invented
they make us commit. 
We don’t want to let go
of all that we’ve built,
we’ll try it the way we started
and we’re doomed to not quit.
But the thing is that’s just what I think.
Now tell me my friend what is it that you think?


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