He Said, She Said

He said I know what I heard, I know me.
I know that we need to be free.
I’ve lived my life and I made it nice
and I won’t go down without a fight.
I’ve worked real hard, I’m not a chump.
I know when things are down the dump.

She said I know what I lived, I know my life.
I know I’m not just someone’s wife.
I’ve been here long and had a look
it takes more than words to make me shook.
Together we’ll put our footprint on,
being great takes more than one person.

He said I’ve been working since day one
I don’t care if you promise me freedom.
Show me you care and show me your guts
bring us together don’t just think about cuts.

She said I’ve got ten mouths to feed everyday
I’m fighting just for equal pay.
Every night I hope and pray
that the next world war is time away.

He said I work 3 jobs and eat tinned food
even I can see that it’s quite rude
to pick on those that you don’t like,
show your strengths don’t show your spite.

She said sometimes I feel so alone
even if our country is overgrown.
Instead of making us more connected
the web we live in is infected.

What if our fears become our life?
Will we still think or dream of nice?
It’s here now, we’re on our way.
This is your life, you have to play.


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