Be Happy

Try being happy.
Try it one time
and let the good stuff take over your mind.
Don’t feel doubt
don’t fear fate,
when it’s your life to make your own shape.

I tried being happy.
I remember the day
it’s when I realised that nothing would ever really go my way.
Things went wrong.
and I fucked up,
guess these happy lot have got it down to luck.

Try being happy.
Try it again,
because we’re not living a magic life of zen.
Things went wrong.
We all fucked up,
somehow I guess you just try it again.
Try to be happy.
Try it again,
maybe what you need is just a friend.
Things go wrong.
We all have shit,
but don’t let you make yourself quit.

I’ll try being happy.
I won’t give up,
I’ll love myself and keep my head up.
I’ll find my friend.
Maybe find more,
someone to laugh and cry and smile for.

I’ll live being happy.
I’ll give each day,
because there’s already too much in this world that tries to take away.

I love being happy.
I hope you do,
I’ll smile for me and smile for you.


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